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Jenni Tilton-Flood

Dairy Farmer, Flood Brothers Farm, LLC

Jenni Tilton-Flood is family member and owner of Flood Brothers Farm, LLC in Clinton, Maine where 3 generations of 5 Flood families made up of 13 family members form the core of a family dairy farm that employs just under 50 and provides18,000 gallons of fresh, local quality milk each and every day from their milking herd.

Jenni is involved with the farm’s sustainability initiatives & compliance and advocates on behalf of dairy, agriculture, environment, food insecurity, and rural communities. She is Chair of  Maine Dairy & Nutrition Council; is Commissioner and Immediate Past Chair of Volunteer Maine/Maine Commission for Community Service; represents all of Maine’s dairy farmers nationally as a Director on the United Dairy Industry Association & Dairy Management Inc. Board; Vice Chair of DMI’s Sustainability Committee; Secretary of the National Dairy Council; serves as Maine’s Dairy Sustainability Alliance farmer representative and on Sodexo’s Maine Course Advisory Committee. Within her co-op, Cabot Creamery Cooperative, she serves as Chair of the Legislative & Education Committee, a member of Cabot’s Sustainable Farms Committee. She collaborates with the American Business Immigration Coalition to advocate for a stronger and more just ag workforce. She and her husband operate a farm stand as well that has built in gleaning and fresh food donation to its business model.

She’s been called an "outspoken advocate” when it comes to Maine, agriculture, and rural communities, and she wouldn’t deny or shy away from that description for a hot minute.







Jenni Tilton-Flood
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