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Julie Mercado

Food Sourcing Coordinator, Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida

Born in New York, raised in Puerto Rico. I have only been 5 years living in Florida and relocated to Florida to be closer to my grandkids. I have 2 daughters, 5 grandkids and 1 crazy parrot.

I am a Food Sourcer during business hours and an artist at heart in my free time. I love to sing, dance, create, paint, decorate, dress up, you name it.  It’s in my blood and everything I do I try to give it that special touch.

I have only been Food Sourcing for 9 months and they all have been for Harry Chapin, lol! I have a long corporate career first as a quality auditor with Baxter Pharmaceuticals and then fell by accident into Supply Chain and I loved it. I have developed my career in companies such as Sanofi Aventis, Nestle, Hewlett Packard and Watts. 

Having made the jump to Non-Profit has been a blessing in disguise. I can finally use all my experience and firmly believe that I am helping make a change for the better. I can only hope I can continue to walk this path to better serve my community.

Julie Mercado
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