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Stephanie Walsh

Director of Government & Industry Relations, Dairy Farmers of America

Stephanie Walsh is the Director of Government & Industry Relations at Dairy Farmers of America, based out of the corporate office in Kansas City, Kansas, and works remotely from Burlington, Vermont.


In this role, Stephanie focuses on state affairs and assists dairy farmers in advocating for themselves to their elected officials, guides policies and practices that ensure the community has access to nutritious food, and focuses on sustainability, green energy, efficiency, and environmental conservation to build long term economic and environmental resiliency in the dairy industry.


She is the current President of the Vermont Dairy Industry Association and Vice-President of the Board of Directors for Hunger Free Vermont. Prior to her current role at Dairy Farmers of America, she was a Dairy, Livestock, & Field Crops Organic Certification Specialist for Vermont Organic Farmers.


Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont, and a Master of Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law and Graduate School (VLGS). After graduating from VLGS, Stephanie spent 7 years milking cows and dairy farming in Vermont.

Stephanie Walsh
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