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Dairy Information for Food Banks

Interested in working with your local dairy organizations? Or maybe you are in need of additional information about the handling and storing of dairy products? Use the resources below to dig into what working with your local dairy organizations looks like.

Dairy Handling Guide for Food Banks 2024
Download PDF • 20.03MB
Dairy Guide for Food Banks Based on HER Guidelines
Download PDF • 199KB
Dairy Food Keepers Guide
Download PDF • 354KB
From Farm to Table: How Milk Goes From the Cow to Your Glass
Download PDF • 1.91MB
Nutrition and Cost of Selected Foods for Food Banks
Download PDF • 22KB
Dairy Distribution in Feeding America 2018-2023
Download PDF • 134KB
Dairy in Food Bank News 2023
Download PDF • 294KB
People + Planet + Community: Dairy Infographic
Download PDF • 1.93MB
Dairy Nourishes America Over the Years: 2012 – Present
Download PDF • 480KB


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