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The overarching goal of Dairy Nourishes America is to increase access to nutritious dairy foods in food banks and their agencies across the United States. Dairy foods provide three of the four nutrients of public health concern – calcium, potassium and vitamin D.

Feeding America has set a bold goal of increasing dairy distribution to 10 percent of the total pounds of food the network will distribute by FY 2025. In FY 2023, dairy distribution (406 million pounds) represents about 6.3 percent of the total network pounds of food (6.4 billion pounds).

Shown below is the historical distribution of dairy in millions of pounds (FY 2016-2023).


Further breaking the pounds of dairy distributed by the source of distribution, the following graphic provides insights on these sources for FY 2018 – FY 2023.



Use the resources below to help get started on your journey to increasing access to dairy for people facing food insecurity.

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